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Abenteuer-Touren in Russland

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Wild Kamchatka, ski-tour, backcountry Wild Kamchatka, ski-tour, backcountry On the tour you will visit unique places of Kamchatka: the biggest concentration of Kamchatka’s hot springs located in the area of the Nalychevo River valley, natural narzans and mud pots. You will enjoy skiing and get perfect sun tan. This trip gives you an opportunity to see wild nature of Kamchatka.


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Ski-touring, Alpine Trekking, Ski-climbing in Kamchatka Ski-touring, Alpine Trekking, Ski-climbing in Kamchatka Kamchatka is the land of volcanoes, that’s why the main idea of trekking there is some kind of “volcanic adventure”, which means – climbing volcanoes, crossing volcanic landscapes, approaching volcanic activity, etc. All volcanoes included in our trekking program are active, with recent explosions more or less powerful, and all are really different – ash cones of Tolbachik, stiffed lava flow on the top of Avachinsky, numerous fumaroles, jets, mud pots into the crater of Mutnovsky.


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Hotel Nebesa, Resort

Crokus Park Resort, Hotel in Charvak. Cottages, Price

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