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Nebesa Nebesa Hotel is located in Chimgan Village, in Ugam Chatkalsky National Park The hotel has all necessary you need for best vacation in any season of year. More >>

Cottages in Chimgan Cottages in Chimgan Cottages in Chimgan with swimming pool. More >>

Resort Chorvoq Oromgohi Resort Chorvoq Oromgohi Three big pyramids of "Chorvoq Oromgohi" resort are located on the left not steep shore of Charavak reservoir (Charavak Sea) in Tien Shan Mountains. The reservoir is formed by debouchments of three mountain rivers: Pskem, Koksu and Chatkal. When the reservoir is filled to its full capacity, the water nears to 2 billions cubic meters, the area of its surface is 40 square kilometers, and the length of coastline is about 70 km. "Chorvoq Oromgochi" complex is an all-the-year-round resort. The sandy beach with its length of 800 meters is located close to the hotel's buildings. More >>

Asia Chimgan Asia Chimgan Hotel in the mountains Chimgan. The hotel offers 20 rooms, 2, 3 and 4 people. One VIP room 4-seater. ASIA CHIMGAN hotel is located in the mountains Chimgan, five hundred meters from the ski slopes. The hotel has: outdoor swimming pool, billiards, cot, parking for cars guests. More >>

Layner Layner The hotel Layner Resort offers 100 cozy and comfortable guest rooms. As you settle in one of the rooms, you will feel world class comfort and coziness. Buffet breakfast, Swimming Pool, Football pitch, Volleyball & Basketball grounds, Tennis court, Fitness room, Sauna & Turkish hamam, Out & indoor playgrounds, Live music & show programs, Business center, 3D Cinema, 24 hours security More >>

Uzbekistan Mountaineering


Country Hotels Uzbekistan Country Hotels Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Mountain Rafting Uzbekistan Mountain Rafting
Uzbekistan Mountain Hiking Uzbekistan Mountain Hiking
Price: 40 USD 
Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking Uzbekistan Mountain Trekking
Price: 225 USD 
Uzbekistan Mountain Canyoning Uzbekistan Mountain Canyoning
Price: 137 USD 
Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing Uzbekistan Mountain Climbing
Price: 137 USD 
Uzbekistan Mountain Waterfalling Uzbekistan Mountain Waterfalling
Price: 67 USD 
Rock Climbing Festival in Yangiabad Rock Climbing Festival in Yangiabad
Price: 200 USD 
Uzbekistan Snowboarding & Snow-skiing Uzbekistan Snowboarding & Snow-skiing
Price: 550 USD 
Heli-skiing Uzbekistan Heli-skiing Uzbekistan
Price: 3500 USD 
Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding Uzbekistan Mountain Horseback-Riding

Hotel Nebesa, Resort

Crokus Park Resort, Hotel in Charvak. Cottages, Price
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